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Career & Life Skills Interactive Training

Professional Development for the Transitional Professional

Resume Writing

Schedule your three-day virtual writing/resume workshop. Learn, understand, and critic various resume formatting. and understanding resume and AI algorithms.

Interview Techniques

Learn how to mentally and emotionally prepare to have a conversation with the hiring team. Understanding the meaning behind questions, how to respond effectively to various types of interviews.

Job Sourcing & Networking

It takes a village! With this said, you need to understand the value and science of networking. You will learn how to maximize job search how to engage people by building rapport and influencing relationships. Most importantly, building your personal brand that will help you win referrals, leads, and much more!

Financial Literacy 4.0

Learn the core foundation of institutional banking, savings, insurance, and money management as it relates to budgeting and preparing for the unexpected. Understanding APR, interest rates, credit score, and the powerful impact of financial planning for the future.


Project H.I.R.E.

Project H.I.R.E. Helping to Increase Retention & Entrepreneurship: Empowering Transitional Professionals - Military Veterans, Military Spouses, Civilians find their purpose and re-entry into corporate c-suite positions or identifying entrepreneurial opportunities.

Through strategic collaboration with corporate alliances and associations combined with relentless determination, we're committed to creating rewarding career-pathing opportunities for transitional professionals: military servicemen and servicewomen, military spouses, and college graduates.


Project H.I.R.E.

IMPCTOeq LLC - Project HIRE was founded with a single mission: to be the most successful, ground-breaking, professional development, and career training solution for transitional professionals. 

Through strategic collaboration with corporate alliances and associations combined with relentless determination, we’re committed to creating rewarding career-pathways assisting military servicemen and servicewomen, military spouses, and college graduates as they renter civilian work life. It is imperative to provide access to sustainable resources that will enrich lives, capacity, resiliency, and mental wellness. Access to capital and enterprise funding programs is vital to embark on an entrepreneurial pathway. Entrepreneurship has proven to be far more rewarding providing flexibility, empowerment, mobility, and financial independence. 


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