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Empowering Entrepreneurs and Emerging Leaders in today's Diverse & Multicultural Global Market

Your Small Business Compliance, Workforce Development, and

Leadership Training Dream Team!

We offer unmatched human resources solutions, coaching, and professional workforce compliance and high-performance training programs We're helping medium to small business owners, human resources professionals, and entrepreneurs stay legally compliant with local and federal laws and develop high-performance engaging training programs.

Our training tools and HR solutions are designed to help and support you build a solid organization-wide infrastructure retaining top performers, transform culture, and stay compliant. 

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Workforce Compliance

Training Partner

IMPCTOeq specializes in human resources performance management and employee training solutions.

We provide the necessary tools and solutions empowering Chief Talent Officers to focus on the business growth while guiding them to be an agile effective employer. From onboarding to offboarding employees, we help businesses with human resources and capacity training while reducing liability and maximizing resources in the following:

  • Affirmative Action Planning

  • NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance Training, other compliance training

  • Employee Benefits Administration & Management

  • Exit Interviews

  • Full-Life Cycle Recruiting: Onboarding to Offboarding

  • Handbook Review & Development

  • Hospitality – Customer Service Training

  • Human Resources Compliance Audit

  • Job Description Development

  • Leadership High-Performance Training

  • Payroll Services

  • Robust Performance Evaluations

  • Handbooks, Policies & Procedures

  • Training & Development

  • Workplace Investigations & Employee Relations

  • Facilitate New Hire Orientation

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Our main priority is helping small businesses thrive and succeed. We do this by offering unmatched and cost-effective Human Resources expertise and Human Capital training solutions that will exceed expectations and empower businesses to focus on growth and sustainability.

We are efficient, result-driven, cost-effective HR partner with the capacity and ability to manage the most complex, sensitive and confidential matters with utmost respect and integrity. 



We envision to be the most trusted and cost-effective strategic Human Resources Management partner for small businesses.

To empower a global network of diverse, multigenerational, and multicultural transitional professionals to have sustainable careers; and an organization with a resilient and authentic workforce! 

Globally nourish professional relationships; while cultivating and fostering the learning experience

Igniting opportunities, mentoring all human beings, and empowering employers to become vibrant change agents and resilient businesses no matter economic conditions.

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Maintain the highest level of ethical standards and professionalism with all stakeholders.

Partner with Chief Talent Officers to engage their workforce through strategic diversity training and learning development designed to mirror the company's mission, values, and workforce.

Overall, we empower businesses and the transitional workforce in taking on a purposeful and intentional approach to adopting strategic changes that are aligned to their goals.


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